The Benefits of Using a InventHelp

InventHelp is an innovator service company that offers innovative services to inventors in order for them to reach their innovative goals by ensuring that they are able to achieve a patent through various means. InventHelp will first package your innovative idea, offer a low cost patent consultation, and then submit your application to various companies that desire to receive new innovative ideas. Once the application has been received by the appropriate company, InventHelp helps the inventor to complete the patent paperwork, as well as to seek the counsel of patent attorneys in order to finalize the patent application. After the patent application is completed, InventHelp helps the inventor to obtain necessary business documents, such as business plans, patent applications, forms, and additional filing instructions.

InventHelp prides itself on its desire to help inventors obtain the patent-filing status that they need in order to protect their “idea,” regardless of whether they are considered a “best idea.” While InventHelp prides itself on its ability to assist inventors in achieving the patentability level they require, it does not undertake the tasks of preparing the inventor for submission of the application, nor does it undertake all the additional steps necessary to ensure that the application is submitted on time and in the correct manner. As with many services, InventHelp sometimes makes assumptions about the way inventors should actually complete their patent submission, or it takes the applicant for granted when it simply assumes that the inventor has complete confidence in completing the submission on its own. By retaining the services of an attorney, InventHelp prides itself on having an “expert” on file in case a problem should arise regarding the patent application. However, InventHelp’s patent lawyers do not provide legal advice, nor do they provide legal assistance to the inventor.

When applying for a patent, inventors are advised to prepare an application based on the “broad” idea and to include as much of the relevant “inventive matter” as possible. One of the biggest mistakes that many inventors make when preparing their patent applications is to include too much or too little “inventive matter” in the application. Although it is true that the more patentable idea that an inventor can demonstrate to be eligible for, the higher the chances of having the patent approved, applicants should not include unnecessary patent claims. A patent expert in InventHelp’s patent services section is also well-advised to review an applicant’s patent proposal for clarity.

The majority of inventhelp clients are able to avoid submitting patent claims that may prove worthless to their patent attorneys. This is due in large part to InventHelp’s expertise as a referral company and the large number of resources it offers to help its clients select and prepare their patent applications. For example, if an inventor is seeking to have a reference page or resource box included with the patent application, they should not submit a claim unless it includes this information. InventHelp’s patent professionals are also well-versed in discussing issues such as whether the invention is classified as an “electronic machine,” which will require additional processing time and filing fees with the US Patent Office.

In our customer satisfaction opinion, we recommend that inventorship clients receive an answer from the InventHelp staff member described in this article. Specifically, we are concerned that this staff member should: first, communicate with the client to ensure that the invention meets all necessary patentability requirements; second, provide a detailed explanation of the process that the client is currently undergoing; and third, refer the client to appropriate personnel in the field if there are issues or concerns that need to be addressed. Our mission is to assist you in obtaining the protection and rights you deserve. Our goal is not to provide a reason why you should not patent your invention. If, after reviewing our report and contacting one of our professional patent experts, you still have questions about your patentability situation, our patent specialists can assist you with drafting an effective patent application and defending your patent in federal court.

We believe it is important to recognize that many times inventors come to us seeking help with their inventions. Many times they are frustrated by the slow pace at which their invention is receiving consideration by the U.S. Patent Office. Unfortunately, in some cases, even highly skilled patent attorneys are unsuccessful in bringing an invention before the US Patent Office. As a result, inventors often feel uncertain about bringing their ideas before the U.S. Patent Office, which can result in them having to hire an expensive patent attorney to fight for their right to bring their ideas before the U.S. Patent Office.