Buying Mortgage Leads the Right Way

Mortgage leads are those people who have expressed an interest in taking out a new mortgage. Getting a steady flow of solid mortgage leads is crucial for any mortgage specialist to maintain a strong pipeline and, in turn, operate a successful mortgage company. In the past, there was little you could do to generate mortgage leads except buy lists or cold calling, both of which proved to be incredibly difficult and expensive ways to generate leads. There is a new technology that has emerged, however, that will change the way mortgage lead generation works forever. This technology allows mortgage specialists to not only generate leads on a massive scale, but also to track every step of the lead generation process from creation to sale.

The technology used by mortgage lead generation companies to collect contact information is called social media marketing. Social media allows users to create profiles that include a photo album and other social media features. When these profiles are created, a mortgage specialist can use them to attract potential mortgage leads. Many mortgage specialists are using the social media feature of the profiles to provide contact information for those who are not interested in applying for a home loan. Some people create a profile just for fun, while others use it to advertise their business and build interest in other areas. Once a user creates a profile, mortgage lead generation companies can contact them through these profile pages.

Most mortgage companies use a combination of these types of methods to promote mortgage leads. Those mortgage leads are then sent either via email or direct mail. Those who receive the leads are sent a message asking them if they want to opt-in to receive information. Most people like opting-in, as it gives them the option to keep track of what mortgage specialist has sent them and allows them to control how much information they want to receive. The companies selling the leads often provide non-exclusive leads, meaning the homeowner does not have to purchase the full amount of credit extended to them. This is beneficial because the homeowner can avoid paying for credit only they need.

Another type of company promoting mortgage leads uses what is called a referral system. A lead generation company sends an email to a client asking for permission to send them a referral. If the person agrees, the loan officer sends out one of several lists of loan officers the loan officer has developed a relationship with. This list typically includes loan officers who the homeowner has built a rapport with over time.

There are drawbacks to these types of systems. One drawback is that those on the lists do not have the option to opt out of receiving mortgage leads. Another drawback is that those on the lists may not be looking for a particular type of mortgage loan. In this case, the sale of the mortgage leads could result in paying for nothing. Some mortgage loan officers, however, are known for purchasing mortgage leads because they are known to be highly qualified buyers.

The best way to purchase mortgage leads is through an independent mortgage broker. Independent mortgage brokers develop their own lists based on a variety of criteria. When these mortgage brokers make their mortgage lead lists they do so following an established process. These mortgage brokers will only sell to clients that meet the criteria established by the broker. To ensure that the buyer receives only the best leads, these brokers test prospective buyers to ensure they are of a good enough credit rating and age to qualify for the loan. In addition, an independent mortgage broker will work with the potential client to find out exactly what they want in a home and then go out of their way to provide the specific types of homes the potential client is looking for.